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At TNC, we value trusting, reliable, and professional relationships over “Business Development”  programs. Through our proprietary methods of business development, we’ve found investing in relationships serve as the best source of repeat business. We encourage members to stop “selling” their business, and instead provide them with the tools, and best practices, needed to create lasting strategic partnerships, and foster the growth of their business. We believe growing a business based on confidence, and authenticity, creates a value proposition and reputation that markets itself.

Through leveraging members’ professional strengths, and addressing their obstacles to success, members of TNC gain the knowledge and tools through our membership programs to create quality suspects, prospects, and clients for life through relationship building.

TNC offers services, and community memberships designed to educate decision makers how to efficiently foster relationships for business development and relationship marketing strategies. Discover how our Clients for Life, Accountants Resource Group, One on One and Staff, and Strategic Partnership programs can change your business. Learn More.


For industry leaders looking to create strategic relationships, TNC provides  business development resources, educational programs, business development communities, private consulting, and access to the best practices from thought leaders in business development and relationship marketing. Read More...

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CFL was designed for individuals who want to further understand, and harness the power of relationship marketing. Our method of business development is powered by our member’s goals to grow as a community, and to create Clients for Life with a constant stream of business referrals.

ARG offers members the opportunity to engage in a community of like-minded, driven professionals. Each member aims to succeed in business, foster personal and professional growth, and set the foundation to create lasting business relationships collectively.

The CPA Network’s very different and proprietary method of relationship management, and client development, (Selling without Selling) is only for a select group of CPA’s. Those it is right for see a significant impact in their income, quality of life, and controlled, profitable, practice growth.

A dynamic group of extraordinary professionals who are looking for that edge to distinguish themselves from their peers.

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I was introduced to Clients for Life & Total Networking and Consulting in late 2009 very shortly after launching Compass Workforce Solutions as a solo practitioner. As a result of the connections to highly talented business professionals along with the expert business coaching, advice and guidance provided by Bruce Libman and the CFL team, Compass Workforce Solutions has grown to a team of 4 HR professionals in one of the worst economies business has seen in 30 years.–Christine Ippolito, SPHR Compass Workforce Solutions, LLC

 This group has given me an opportunity to meet and network with business professionals that I may never have met within my other networking venues. More important than the networking, is the structure that you add to the groups and the help you have given me personally to meet so many members and grow as a professional. Bruce sharing a meal with you is one of my favorite networking opportunities. Your business knowledge and advice has always served me well.– Gail L. Trugman, Nikol President Unique Business Solutions 

 Last year I had the good fortune to meet Bruce Libman. I had never thought of joining a network group. At Bruce’s suggestion, I attended one of the Accountants Resource Group (ARG) meetings to see what it was about. To my surprise the members were quality professionals who were interested in my business and only wanted to help me expand my accounting practice. Nearly a year later I have added clients from recommendations from ARG and have gained an understanding of how I can focus my client support processes to obtain Clients for Life. I now sing the praises of ARG and the tireless support and encouragement of that man Bruce Libman. –Lawrence A. Offsey, CPA  

 In my first year being a member, the connections I have made and the business that has transpired, helped in the growth of my company and team. The people that I have met have become trusted strategic partners and some even friends. There is no doubt in my mind when I ask anyone of them to help a client of mine, that it will be done and my client will be happy. – Miriam Hubbard PBI Payroll  

 Bruce has done a fantastic job of running this group and recruiting great people that has allowed my firm and more importantly, my clients’ to directly benefit. The resources and intellectual capital is tremendous as I look forward to continue to develop and my relationships with existing and new members and continue to make referrals as needed.” –Mark Balog, CPA  

 I personally know and have worked with Bruce Libman for over 5 years. Bruce is the go to Google when in need of solutions to problems you may have in the business world. He connects you with qualified business to business people to help you give the right advice and service. – Bob Falkowitz, Licensed Insurance Broker, Compass Benefit Planning, LLC. 

 My firm has been a member of Total Networking Consulting (TNC) for just over a year. In that short time, TNC has been instrumental in the substantial growth of the Firm. I highly value the membership in TNC for two reasons: (1) the members of TNC have been an incredible resource for my Firm, and even more importantly, for my clients – on several occasions clients have conveyed their appreciation for connecting me with professionals who have provided valuable advice and services; and (2) Bruce Libman understands my Firm’s practice and value proposition, and has been a mentor to me personally and a highly effective advocate for the Firm. – Jeffrey W. Berkman, The Berkman Law Firm, PLLC 

 Over the last 18 months I’ve gotten to know Bruce and consider him both an invaluable mentor and a friend. His knowledge of people and the way he shares that information is tremendous, helping me redefine how I approach growth in my own business. Yes, the networking is fantastic, but adds in the business knowledge shared by Bruce and his speakers, and you can’t go wrong. I’m a genuine “raving fan.” – Christopher Ulrich CEO & Founder, Direct Response Group  

 For the past several years; I have been active in the CFL NYC group. It has provided me with a positive atmosphere and and an organization for sharing Ideas and current business information. The many professions represented and the personal presentations given by those principals have been most enlightening. The key to making CFL work is its founder and my friend – Bruce Libman. My business success has increased and my personal relations have been improved; by Bruce’s’ interest in me and the many other CFL members he has devoted his time and energy to. – Perry J. Cohen Sales Executive CBS Coverage Group, Inc.  

 When I joined the ARG and CFL groups I had already been exposed to the world of networking and I guess I was expecting more of the same. What I found however from these two groups has little to do with networking as we know it and so much to do about building strong friendships and referral relationships. The ARG and CFL community is the premier Relationship Group, built on the premise that “people want to do business with people they know, like and trust.” To Bruce’s credit, these groups continue to grow by leaps and bounds with strong business professionals and Centers of Influence from all walks of life. If you have not taken the first step to join one or both of these groups, you are missing an opportunity to enhance your business development process in ways never thought possible. – Tony Nuzio CEO/President, ICC Logistics 

 In over 30 years of business I have never seen the kind of support, encouragement and caliber of individuals as I have encountered in my CFL network. Invaluable! – Brad Szollose Award-winning business author Business consultant and keynote speaker 

 CFL through the efforts of Bruce Libman and his associates has been a valuable resource for me. It’s given me the opportunity to meet key members of the business community and really grow my network. The group offers an excellent networking opportunity because it connects like-minded business people with a complimentary client base. It’s a remarkably effective way to grow your client base.” – Andrew R. Martin, CPA, The Resnick Druckman Group LLC